Doc Immutable

Secure your insurance documents from Fraud and Forgery

Minting your insurance certificates as NFTs guarantees authenticity and integrity of insurance documents across all categories

Information about AXIS Chain

Doc Immutable powered by AxisChain is a patented software platform and private blockchain providing next-gen solutions for various industries, including the $1 trillion U.S. insurance sector. 19 billion insurance policies are granted throughout the globe every year, primarily in the form of PDFs. The unfortunate reality is that policy holders with nefarious intentions can – and often do – manipulate the policy documents to suit their needs.

Doc Immutable puts a stop to this practice once and for all.

Minting insurance documents as NFT digital assets guarantees full authenticity of the associated policyand its terms – most critically coverage minimums and expiration dates. The digital files are stored in a distributed ledger on the AxisChain and cannot be edited, modified, or deleted. Only insurance companies can mint the documents, which ensures all policy details embedded in the digital file are accurate and authentic.

No longer

Doc Immutable now handles the heavy lifting by leveraging our patented tech to remove paper-based documentation and eliminate outdated practices such as phoning, faxing and emailing. The result is a secure and streamlined system that benefits all relevant parties, particularly when a claim must be filed.

Good for the environment.

Good for businesses.

Good for consumers.

This is Doc Immutable.