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A cost-effective Web3 solution to protect insurance documents from fraud and forgery

Minting your insurance certificates as NFTs guarantees authenticity and integrity of insurance documents across all categories

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Privacy and Security

All documents are secured on the blockchain. Expiration dates and coverage requirements are immutable.

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Simplifies and streamlines the process of validating COIs.

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Need for COI NFT

The FBI estimates insurance fraud is a $40 billion per year problem in the U.S. – and that does not include the health insurance sector. This criminal behavior costs the average U.S. family up to $700 per year in increased premiums. Validating and verifying insurance policies remains a cumbersome, archaic process dominated by phone calls and emails. Doc Immutable solves this by leveraging the power of AXIS Chain and Web 3.0. to create immutable insurance documents nested in the blockchain- in just a few clicks.

Critically, this protects insurance companies from liability when fraudulent or manipulated insurance documents are uncovered.

AXIS Chain is not itself an insurance company or broker, but rather a patented software service and private blockchain providing next-gen solutions for various industries, including the $1 trillion U.S. insurance sector. 19 billion insurance policies are granted throughout the globe every year. Policy holders with nefarious intentions can manipulate the documents to suit their needs, including altering expiration dates or policy minimums. Doc Immutable puts a stop to this practice once and for all.





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Our Partners

We’re building a platform for ambitious companies around the world to transition outdated methods of issuing documents to the next-gen tech standard known as Web 3.0. AXIS Chain essentially "insures insurers" - and their customers - by issuing immutable insurance documents secured by blockchain and NFT technology.

Information about AXIS Chain

AXIS is focused on high quality and secure business transactions while keeping fees low. Industries such as supply chain and insurance manage extremely high volumes of shipments and insurance documents. High “gas fees,” including those commonly found on the Ethereum mainchain, could cripple companies attempting to transition to Web3. AXIS Chain is setting out to bring blockchain, transparency and trust to real life applications. The two main focuses of AXIS are security and low fees.


AXIS Chain is focused on bridging the gap between real world applications to the digital age. Forged out of the need to provide cost effective alternatives for major global industries, AXIS focuses on solving real-world problems in an atypical way by employing blockchain’s decentralized nature to redefine how businesses operate today.